ITunes Set To Offer 4K Movies For Same Price As Digital HD

Chelsea West
September 13, 2017

The box, which supports the HDR 10 spec as well as Dolby Vision HDR, is powered by the A10X Fusion chip, which provides four times the graphics capability (and is the same processor used in the iPad Pro).

Additionally, all HD content users have already purchased will be automatically upgraded to 4K HDR, including content on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The new Apple TV device will cost $179 and ships on September 22.

The dimensions and physical make up of the Apple TV 4K appear to be unchanged. According to Eddy Cue's presentation during the keynote, the new Apple TV will be available for ordering on September 15th and will ship on September 22nd.

The problem is that with so many different models of TV to support, bugs can sometimes slip through the cracks, and updates can break features. The new Apple TV 4K delivers a vivid and clear 4K HDR experience. We may also get some more details on the release date, as well as the new and that's slated for 2018.

Siri and the Apple TV app can help users search and access content across Apple TV.

The Apple TV 4K demo featured the ATM robbery scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Titles in 4K will cost the same price as titles sold in HD.

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We know it can't be added via a software update because the HDMI port on the fourth-gen Apple TV isn't 4K-capable. We expect it will also come to the older Apple TV.

The Apple TV is the center of your home entertainment system. Apple's spokesperson also said that 4K content will be available from third parties, including Amazon.

Coming back on the highlight feature- the new Apple TV comes with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support.

This reveal clearly shows references to Apple TV but with mention of 4K UHD support.

Apple begrudgingly started to support non-Apple apps and services on the Apple TV with the launch of tvOS on the most recent 1080p Apple TV two years ago.

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Apple has unveiled a new television in a bid to stay ahead in an increasingly crowded tech and entertainment market.

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