Can an ocean disappear? Hurricane Irma, mystery solved

Marie Harrington
September 11, 2017

"That's as far as they see #HurricaneIrma wtf", the user wrote.

Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm which ripped through the Caribbean Islands on its way to Florida and has killed at least 24 people, left bare beaches along the coastline of the Bahamas.

Luckily for the locals, the water did not come gushing in all at once, with Adrian later tweeting that the sea "came back".

With Hurricane Irma just starting to create her path of destruction in the United States, social media users have been left baffled after footage shows the ocean essentially "disappearing".

This is one of those things - a hurricane strong enough to change the shape of an ocean.

Hurricane Irma
Can an ocean disappear? Hurricane Irma, mystery solved

Washington Post's deputy weather editor and astmospheric scientist Angela Fritz said that "Hurricane Irma is so strong and its pressure is so low, it's sucking water from its surroundings into the core of the storm".

Kelly Johnson, posted a video on Facebook on Facebook of the beach in Long Island, Bahamas. On the northwest side of the island, it would be blowing the water away from the shoreline. "And they don't know where it went!"

Fortunately, Fritz explained the phenomenon isn't a sign of a tsunami, which pull water from the shore before crashing back into it.

He added: "Care must be taken in this case because the water often returns with even greater fury".

Over the weekend more than six million people were ordered to evacuate Florida as the storm moved towards the western coast of the US.

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