Twitter Finally Brings "Night mode" theme to the Desktop

Chelsea West
September 10, 2017

The mode changes the colors of Twitter to have a darker theme where ordinarily white and gray would be the dominating colors, two different shades of black will now be dominating colors.

Earlier last month, Twitter began testing a night mode for its desktop website that matched its iOS app.

To enable "Night Mode" on Twitter, log in to your account on via your PC. Just follow these brief steps and you can start using Twitter comfortably in the dark.

For everyone, the feature might not be instantly available, but if it is, users can connect it simply by clicking on own icon which is in the top right corner of that web interface and tapping that Night Mode toggle at the bottom of the menu. When you're ready to take things back to normal, you turn the mode off by doing literally the exact same thing.

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One you click on the Night Mode option, your normal Twitter Desktop screen will have a darker color scheme as shown below. The feature is already available on Android and iOS apps.

The dark blue hue is actually a really pleasant way to view the site, and for me makes things a lot easier to read.

To exit out of Twitter Night Mode for Mobile, simply repeat the steps and tap the moon icon again.

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