The Last Jedi Presents Supreme Leader Snoke In the Flesh

Emilio Banks
September 7, 2017

And with the creative direction of Star Wars: Episode IX currently up in the air right now, it's even harder to know just how Luke's role will evolve throughout the next two films. "Colin was a wonderful collaborator during the development process, but we came to the conclusion that our visions for the project differed", one can read.

Previously we had learned some new information about Poe's alterations to his X-Wing fighter from Empire Magazine and now they're sharing a picture of Finn and Rose in the Canto Bight Casino.

Trevorrow's departure comes three months after The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Christopher Miller walked away from the Han Solo spin-off film. He's been working on the film since then, looking at a production start in January 2018. "Star Wars", like many franchises, have nabbed young directors who have either made an impressive first movie within the studio system or an ambitious indie film.

The news was announced on the "Star Wars" website. Massive Star Wars attractions are under construction at multiple Disney theme parks.

Episode IX is the final instalment in the new "main" Star Wars trilogy that began with J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens in 2015 and will continue this December with director Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller: Hired due to their fresh, zippy work on 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie, a calculated and gratuitous merchandise tie-in that makes me cry upon EVERY REPEATED VIEWING SOMEHOW, Lord and Miller were hired to bring youth and fire to the still-untitled Han Solo movie (which they teased as "Red Cup", for the 9 Star Wars fans who know Toby Keith). Trevorrow was chosen for the Star Wars gig shortly after the opening of Jurassic World. "I hope to honour the great work already done and help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film". What I want to do is direct the last sequel.

Also, though Trevorrow's horrific flop of an indie film The Book of Henry was not mentioned, ever since it was released in June, whispers had been circulating that this might in fact be the upshot of it.

In the wake of the Trevorrow news, many people were quick to speculate online about who might take up the mantle. Luke Skywalker is the last Jedi, although that does not mean things could change by the end of the movie.

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