American Horror Story: Cult uses American presidential election to ignite series

Emilio Banks
September 7, 2017

And the romance drama "Like Crazy" arrives on Netflix.

This post contains spoilers for American Horror Story: Cult Episode 1.

Although the show is inspired by the 2016 election, creator Ryan Murphy has maintained that AHS: Cult is not an attack on President Trump.

Clinton supporters mourning the death of democracy are depicted as both caricatures and audience surrogates here-sure it's cringy when Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd), who dropped out of Vassar to work for Hillary, wonders why CNN didn't preface the results with a trigger warning, or when Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) begins to literally scream as the results are confirmed. Her therapist prescribes her a mild anti-anxiety medication to counteract her phobias-which also include blood, confined spaces, the dark, particles in the air, and things with holes-but she avoids taking them for a while, until Ivy insists. It actually might provide us with some interesting theories on what's really going on this season.

AHS veteran Sarah Paulson returns as the leading lady who is horrified by the election results.

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Winter has, in some fashion, pledged herself to Kai, engaging in a cult-like ritual in which they link pinkies and he asks her a series of personal questions, which she must answer honestly.

In a new teaser released by FX, Twisty is front and center is this disturbing motion comic that shows the demented clown tearing out the liver and cutting out the tongue of one of his victims.

Despite assumptions that AHS would only feature a single point of view this season, it's quickly revealed that there's a major divide between the residents of the small town in MI where Cult takes place. He was referring to my other boyfriend, Evan Peters, and for the first time since American Horror Story premiered, I didn't have an answer.

During season 4 of the Ryan Murphy horror anthology series, Twisty portrayed by John Carroll Lynch became one of the most terrifying, yet sympathetic, villains of the series due to his twisted appearance and heartbreaking backstory. Councilman Chang (Ally's friend from Election Night) tells him that this whole Trump election is just a blip, it's not the new normal. Not one group is decidedly "good" or "bad"-besides the gaggle of murderous clowns glimpsed in the premiere". The trailer shows that this new paranoia will cause a rift between Ally and her wife Ivy, played by Alison Pill. That won't be the only character played by Evan though, who apparently has a bigger role in Cult than any of the previous seasons. Meanwhile, if you're conservative you may consider this show the product of the Hollywood elite and not tune in at all, assuming that it's going to bash you.

When Ally and Ivy return home they see the police and learn that their neighbors are dead. "No that's bullshit. I won't believe anything until I hear Rachel Maddow say it", Ally says defiantly, before breaking down into heaving sobs as the election is called for Trump. "So they don't find that it happens as much if they imagine it, so the object has to be present visually for them". And we haven't even mentioned the homicidal clowns. "I want to be able to morph into whatever". The bloody smiley face sign could also represent phobias dwelling in a person: the bloody splotch most people don't see beneath a smiling exterior.

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