Questions Game of Thrones Needs to Address in the Season 7 Finale

Emilio Banks
August 27, 2017

But when Jon killed a White Walker with Longclaw, his Valyrian steel sword, almost all of the wights nearby also collapsed.

White Walkers are more than simply once-dead warriors. But clearly the White Walkers weren't wiped out then-they merely retreated. Combining Bran's warging and visions together with whatever icy abilities that the First Men had would easily explain how White Walkers are created, but also how he can warg into Viserion. That piece of information is worth a dragon in my opinion. Sure, he lost a Walker and a wight, but he gained a dragon when Dany impulsively flew in to the rescue and he seemed remarkably prepared for that exact eventuality. The White Walkers are, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, there's a lot to consider when discussing whether the Night King was manipulating the situation.

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The idea that the Night King is a greenseer inspired an epiphany in Reddit user Damisu. With a significant addition to his army, fans have started to wonder how he's able to control the undead in the first place. Essentially zombies, they differ drastically from the White Walkers in appearance; they often look like decaying bodies, while the White Walkers usually have long, white hair and pale, blue-gray skin. Jon's guess as to why that happened made a lot of sense-those wights probably fell because the White Walker who raised them died. "Kill him", Beric says. Is he the man Bran saw the Children Of The Forest turn into the first White Walker when they put dragonglass in his heart? He is forever known as the Night's King (with the possessive-important distinction), and he and his bride reigned from the Nightfort along the Wall for 13 years before they were stopped by the combined forces of the Stark King and the King-Beyond-The-Wall.

If it seems like a stretch, that's because it is - there's little evidence other than speculation to support the theory. Even if Jon and the others were to get close enough, it's hard to say what they could use to actually take down the Night King once and for all. And now Dany's fire-breathing dragons will face off against the Night King's ice dragon. It's unclear whether he is equally vulnerable to these weapons or if he has some sort of immunity to them. But now Jon knows that the easiest way to take out the entire threat of the White Walkers is to destroy the Night King himself.

Given the slowly building tension between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, whose house sigils are a dragon and a wolf respectively, and the tender moment they shared in last week's episode in which Jon finally agreed to bend the knee, the episode title could be alluding to the relationship many fans have been rooting for.

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