Mario, Luigi and Samus cars coming to Rocket League

Herbert Rhodes
August 24, 2017

To celebrate Rocket League's release on Nintendo Switch Psyonix has announced a few exclusives coming to the Switch's version of the game holiday 2017. Delivering on that promise, the developer showed off the upcoming cars for the first time today with a new trailer, seen above.

Rocket League is a futuristic action-sports game where players pilot rocket-powered vehicles in an enhanced version of soccer by driving their vehicles into the ball and other players in a variety of arenas.

Based on your team's side you will be assigned either Mario NSR (for the orange team) or Luigi NSR (for the blue team).

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!
Rocket League on Switch Will Get Stylish New Battlecars for Mario, Luigi, and Samus

The Switch is receiving two exclusive cars themed after the Super Mario Bros. and the Metroid series. Samus' Gunship also has two different variations based upon what team color a player chooses, and are styled after different Varia Suits. This is absolutely the sort of sci-fi vehicle that we can imagine Samus Aran owning and it even comes complete with a Wave Beam boost trail.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch now has a holiday 2017 launch window, coming with local wireless multiplayer and cross-play capabilities between the PC and Xbox One versions of the game.

Rocket League can be played on practically every modern console, so in order to make getting it on the Switch something worth doing, they're digging deep into Nintendo's history.

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