Study Examines Potential of Saliva in Transmitting Zika

Kristen Gonzales
August 3, 2017

The first case of domestically transmitted Zika reported in 2017 was in Texas and had been transmitted through a mosquito bite, according to a press release by the Texas Health and Human Services Department.

Health officials say the infected person did not contract the disease in the state, but contracted it from a partner who recently went on a trip to Cuba.

Casual contact like kissing or sharing a fork or spoon is unlikely to pass a Zika virus infection, a new study said Tuesday.

"It is important to remember Zika can also be transmitted sexually and to take precautions if you or your partner travelled to an area where Zika is active".

It added that mosquito reduction activities are taking place across the state.

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There is no evidence of ongoing transmission of Zika by mosquitoes in any area of Florida.

The State Surgeon General has activated a 24-hour Zika hotline in Florida to answer questions and concerns. Furthermore, Zika virus has been detected in the semen of men exposed to the virus in seven separate studies.

Although data are limited, it is generally accepted that sexual intercourse is one route for transmission of the Zika virus.

Last week, Texas reported its first case this year of locally transmitted Zika, in Hidalgo County, which is near the border with Mexico, where the virus is now being transmitted by mosquitoes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that men diagnosed with Zika wait six months before having unprotected sex so that they do not infect their partner. It can also cause severe brain-related birth defects due to infection during pregnancy.

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