Toyota reportedly set to release fast-charging, long-range electric cars by 2022

Herbert Rhodes
July 26, 2017

Quoting the newspaper, Automotive News says the battery will be used in an all-electric vehicle that will be based on a new platform and will arrive in the beginning of the next decade, most likely in 2022. A new report in Japan's Chunichi Shimbun claims Toyota is working on a new type of battery that will allow for significantly increased driving range and reduced charging time. That eliminates the risk of fire and explosion associated with current battery technology.

A Toyota spokesperson told Reuters the company is aiming to commercialize the new batteries by the early 2020s.

Volkswagen's electrification strategy is rolling ahead, with the automaker on course to develop and bring to market a variety of EVs in different segments starting in 2020. Solid-state batteries could soon show up in several new EVs, since the batteries have greater energy density and faster charging times. While these seem very promising, the vehicle manufacturer is still planning to produce EVs with existing design and battery technology in 2019 for the Chinese market.

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Toyota has been noticeably staying out of the EV game despite its size in the marketplace, and despite being a hybrid pioneer with the Prius.

Toyota is currently the largest auto manufacturer on the planet, but until now, it hasn't shown much interest in developing electric vehicles. But before solid-state gets here, Toyota still plans to dive into the world of EVs with lithium-ion-powered cars.

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