OnePlus 5 may reboot when you call 911

Herbert Rhodes
July 19, 2017

That's the one feature that should work on any kind of phone, no matter if it's a dumb device or a flagship handset like the OnePlus 5.

Over the last few days, a small but growing number of OnePlus 5 users have claimed that upon dialing "911" or "999" - numbers designated for emergency services in the US and United Kingdom, respectively - their phones have rebooted prior to the call going through. He first experienced this issue earlier this week when he saw a building on fire a few blocks away.

Some users from the United Kingdom are also reporting the same issue.

Do you own a OnePlus 5?

On Reddit, many people have speculated that it is a problem with the phone's ability to find a reliable Global Positioning System signal, which is a necessary part of getting a phone certified for making emergency calls.

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Multiple people have chimed in the Reddit thread (source link) to confirm that the phone reboots when calling an emergency number.

It's unclear if all OnePlus 5 models suffer from the same troubling glitch, but at least three users have claimed to have the bug on their device. This is a major safety issue and it could easily be one of the worse things that could happen to a person.

OnePlus says it is looking into the issue, which could have serious consequences for OnePlus owners faced with an emergency. It is a scary issue as the device is basically of no use when the user tries to get through 911 in case of urgency.

This appears to be software-related and may simply be fixed by OnePlus through an over the air software update. If the "Jelly Effect" issue was not enough for warning the potential buyers, here is another problem that requires the company's attention more than ever.

"We have contacted the customer and are now looking into the issue", the company said, according to the report. This is because of how OnePlus chose to design the internals of the OnePlus 5.

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