Atari Finally Unveils New Console: the Ataribox

Herbert Rhodes
July 18, 2017

Atari sent out an email early Monday morning to fans of the in-development project, complete with the first real look at what the console is going to look like.

The 20-second YouTube teaser released at the time hinted at a miniature console once again housed in a wooden shell, just like the classic 2600.

New Ataribox features two design, one featuring wood or glass at the front with two color schemes, black and red. Not many details have been released, but the team promises that both editions will have HDMI and SD ports, along with four USB ports.

But Atari's promising something extra, claiming that the Ataribox harbors "modern internal specs", and that in addition to "classic gaming content", it plans to offer "current gaming content". There's now no word on just what games will be available, when the unit might release, its costs or really anything else. The company acknowledged that fans are "hungry" for information but said it will continue to reveal details slowly because it wants "to get this right".

Atari Finally Unveils New Console: the Ataribox

Atari isn't talking specs, games, pricing or timeframes yet, and only notes that it has "lots of milestones, challenges and decision points" ahead. Until then, enjoy the images of the unit. Having seen the success of Nintendo's Mini NES & Mini SNES, Atari will try to match those retro plays with the Ataribox. It is, for instance, unclear whether the Ataribox will include a bundle of pre-installed titles, as per the NES Classic Mini, or if its library can be expanded by downloading new software, unlike the NES Classic Mini. One is a wood edition and the other is the pictured red and black.

Atari first started teasing their new Ataribox at E3 this year, promising a "brand new Atari product".

Unfortunately, beyond the unveiling of the box, Atari didn't let much else slip. There is also Atari's "Rollercoaster Tycoon" series, with the most recent game having come out last December, "Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch".

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