New Google hire points to custom chips in next Pixel

Herbert Rhodes
June 14, 2017

Self-sourcing chips can help differentiate a company's line of devices from the competition since, for example, numerous companies use the same Qualcomm chips in phones. Google hasn't divulged Pixel sales, but it's safe to say they're nowhere near as large as more established rivals with wider availability and bigger marketing budgets. Up until the launch of the Pixel flagships, Google stayed at arm's length when it came to Android hardware. Hundreds of OEMs, each with a varying set of specifications coupled with different skins running on top of Android leading to a fluctuation in the performance department.

Apple now builds its own smartphone processors but Google does not. The Pixel and Pixel XL are rightfully called Google's answer to the Apple iPhone, coupling great software with great hardware. The chips are well optimized for iOS that's why they perform excellently well.

Google's hire - Manu Gulati - had until May spent almost eight years at Apple, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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Losing Manu to Google is reported as a big blow to Apple as Manu Gulati is listed as the co-inventor of as many as 15 chip-related patents.

Read the full Variety report.

Speaking to his qualifications, he is now credited with 15 chip-related patents while at Apple, one of which is the hardware-based secure storage of fingerprints on the iPhone.

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