Asus' Blue Cave Router Has a Huge Hole In It

Herbert Rhodes
May 31, 2017

Though ASUS started unveiling devices way before the Computex 2017 conference began, the Taiwanese company still had new and exciting devices under its sleeve for the conference.

Actually, save for the bottom part of the rear panel which houses the ports, I believe that the Blue Cave does not look like a router at all.

ASUS has equipped the Blue Cave with "the latest Intel Wi-Fi chipset", that allows it to offer AC2600 transfer speeds. To make sure that the ASUS Blue Cave does not languish in obscurity at the back of your computer setup the company has added blue LEDs to the hole which makes it look attractive. ASUS's new Blue Cave, which was just announced today at Computex 2017, is one of them. Obviously, that means that it is Wi-Fi 802.11ac-compatible, which is standard fare on a high-end router nowadays.

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Asus' Blue Cave is an antenna-less Wi-Fi router with an eye-catching design.

Most of the users must be pondering over this fact that why this device is called Blue Cave The name attributes the design; blue colored hole resembles to a whirlpool in the middle of the device. The company has also augmented the capacity of the number of devices which can be connected concurrently to the router. It has the antennas on the upper part of the router and many have praised this change. One thing to note is that you can access the features provided by Blue Cave using a mobile device, including "Family Overview" to monitor and control each family member's app and internet usage. It also includes ASUS AiProtection, the first commercial-grade security for home networks. Likewise, the new router integrates Trend Micro's AiProtection security solution.

The price? The router will cost you about $180, but it is not clear when will it launch.

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